New Features - May 23rd, 2008 by Berni

Please see below our pick of features and enhancements released this month. Many more options are available, although some may not be applicable to your portfolio or may not be compatible with your current settings. A full listing is available in the features section. This month's selected features and enhancements are as follows:-

  • Viewing tenant payments at client and/or property level
  • Credit note numbering
  • Additional options available for sending jobsheets to suppliers
  • Further screen conversions completed
  • Commission on service charge
  • General system improvements

Viewing tenant payments at client and/or property level
You will now be able to view additional information relating to tenant payments at client level and property level. The grid will allow you to sort, filter, group, print and export information in the same way you can on all grids throughout the system, allowing you to find information and generate reports as necessary.

Credit note numbering
When generating credit notes, the system will automatically number each credit note for you. There are now two different methods to choose from.

The first option is for credit note numbering to be independent to any demand numbering facilities already in place.

Example   Demand number  MM/004   Credit note number  CR/558

Alternatively, you can opt for credit note numbers to work in conjunction with any demand numbering facilities already in place.

Example   Demand number  MM/004   Credit note number  MM/005

Commission on service charge
We have recently developed an alternative way for you to take your service charge commission. As standard, commission on service charge would be posted as an expenditure amount and would then be analysed in the service charge accounts and apportioned between the tenants based on their percentage liability.

You are now able to take commission directly on any service charge amounts demanded from the tenants by selecting 'Yes' to commission when setting up their charges. Commission will be deducted from the service charge account, based on a percentage of the service charge income received. The deduction will then be accounted for in the service charge accounts as usual, allowing you to account for it correctly.

General system improvements
Improvements have been made to the 'wizard' style screens which are used in various places throughout the system.
Message boxes throughout the system have been redesigned and standardised.
Improvements have been made to the archiving of printouts which will allow us to implement various new features in the future.
The menu layout has been amended slightly, following suggestions from users.
Changes have been made which will speed up access to Practice and Browse.

All of the options listed above are available free of charge to all users currently subscribing to Software Support (subject to compatibility with your current settings). If you would like to discuss any of the options or request an option to be included on your next update, please speak to Support.