Diary Overhaul - August 5th, 2008 by Berni

From time to time as part of the update programme we focus on one of the main areas of the system and try to incorporate as many new features and improvements as possible. We recently completed revamping the service charge facilities in the system and the next area we are looking to improve is the diary.

At present, the system automatically diaries events such as lease expiries, breaks, rent reviews, insurance renewals, inspections etc and prompts you with alarmed triggers in advance of these dates. You are also able to add your own diary events and alarms for any additional events you require.

As part of our overhaul we aim to include such things as:-

  • job tracking
  • setting up recurring alarms
  • editing system added entries
  • choosing per tenant how far in advance alarmed triggers are required for each type of event (instead of or as well as a global default for each type of event)

As always, we will endeavor to include as many user suggestions as possible as well as our own ideas. If you have any suggestions on how you feel the diary could be improved, or any features/facilities you would like to see in the new diary, please speak to Support.