New Features - April 13th, 2010 by Berni

Please see below our pick of features and enhancements released this month. Many more options are available, although some may not be applicable to your portfolio or may not be compatible with your current settings. A full listing is available in the features section. This month's selected features and enhancements are as follows:-

  • Overhaul of the archive reports facility
  • Additional types of tenant charge
  • Improved diarying of breaks and inspections
  • Tenant exporting facilities expanded
  • General system improvements

Overhaul of the archive reports facility
For many years the system has provided the facility of creating a computerised copy of reports which have been generated, allowing you to reprint/view/email them at a later stage. Recently, we have overhauled this facility and improved it as follows:-

  • A wider range of reports archived. Demands, statements, arrears letters, service charge year end printouts, vat reports, tax reports, tenant statements, service charge budget reports, transaction batch lists and supplier jobsheets are just some of the reports which are archived.
  • Improved retrieval facilities. The central screen for finding archived reports has been improved to allow you to enter a date span, select which type(s) of report you wish to view and filter, sort, group etc as necessary.

  • Links within the system. Extra tabs are now available at client, property and tenant level, allowing you to find reports linked to that specific record with ease.

Additional types of tenant charge
Additional charge descriptions are now available as standard when charging items to the tenant. Some of these are especially useful for tax reports and help to ensure that the reports are clear and concise.

Improved diarying of breaks and inspections
Breaks and inspections are automatically diarised along with various other events such as rent reviews and lease expiries etc. Further alarmed triggers can now be setup on breaks and inspections, allowing you to see an on-screen reminder before the event is due.

Tenant exporting facilities expanded
Further options are now available for exporting basic tenant information such as names, addresses and contact details, allowing you more flexibility when creating contact sheets and perform mail merge tasks. You are still able to export all tenant details if required by simply selecting 'detailed' from the export screen.

General system improvements

  • Arrears reports have been redesigned to include more information.
  • System messages have been standardised and improved so that they are concise whilst remaining as informative as possible.
  • Loading supplier information is now substantially faster.
  • Extra information is now included when exporting property records.

All of the features listed above are available free of charge to all users currently subscribing to Software Support (subject to compatibility with your current settings). If you would like to discuss any of the options or request an option to be included on your next update, please speak to Support.