New Features - July 26th, 2007 by Berni

Please see below our pick of the latest features available. Many more features are available, although some features may not be applicable to your portfolio or may not be compatible with your current settings. Please see the features section for a full features listing. This month's selected new features are:-

  • Update install wizard
  • VAT defaulting
  • Exporting records

Update install wizard
The way you install system updates (free to users that subscribe to software support) has been redesigned to make installing new features easier and more efficient. An on screen update wizard will guide you through installing updates in a few easy steps and once installed you are ready to begin using your new features straight away.

VAT defaulting
When setting up tenant charges, the system will now default to Yes to VAT if the property or tenant record is selected as vatted.

Exporting records
You will now be able to export information more easily from the system. We have improved the record exporting facility to allow you to export cashbook and supplier records as well as improving the amount of data exported when exporting client, property and/or tenant records. As we feel this option will be useful to all users it will be included in the system as a global option.

All of the options listed above are available free of charge to all users currently subscribing to Software Support (subject to compatibility with your current settings). If you would like to discuss any of the options or request an option to be included on your next update, please speak to Support.