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Service Charge is increasingly becoming the mainstay of Property Management. Whether you deal with commercial service charge or block management, the system will cope with the most demanding of service charge requirements. Features include:-

Automatic client liability calculation and client funding.
Automatic apportionment for changes of occupancy.
Prepayments and accruals.
Multiple schedules for more complex properties.
Direct recharge.
Sinking/reserve funds.
Landlord service charge.
Meter readings.

Many more service charge options are available to tailor make the system to your specific requirements. Whether you deal with residential apartment blocks, large shopping centres, industrial estates or a combination of all three, the system has everything you need to keep on top of your ever changing daily workload

Year End Accounts
Manually calculating the service charge accounts can often be daunting. However, that need not be the case with the T&H System. Generating a full set of comprehensive service charge accounts can be done at the touch of a button. These consist of high quality, easy to understand reports for the tenants, your client and the accountant.

This facility allows you to enter the details of service charge budgets and draw off comparison reports comparing budgeted amounts to actual or anticipated expenditure. You can then recharge a budget to the tenants and automatically print an anticipated expenditure report detailing how the amount is made up.

Service charge expenditure
1-Prepayments and accruals
Automatic apportionment at the year end.
Service charge expenditure
1-Prepayments and accruals
Automatic apportionment at the year end.
service charge schedules
2-Multiple schedules
Allocate expenditure to the relevant schedule.
service charge property
3-Sinking Funds
Automatic sinking fund accounts.
service charge reconciliation
4-Year end reconciliation
Generate a full set of service charge accounts at the touch of a button.
service charge budgeting
Enter your future budget plans.
service charge budgeting
Recharge your service charge budgets automatically.
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